Emergency Clinicians

High-quality care in high-pressure situations.

We know what it takes to succeed in emergency medicine; after all, we’re physicians too. Even in the most stressful circumstances, our team members come through with sound judgement, quick thinking, and outstanding clinical proficiency. And, because VEMA is a physician-led democratic group, teamwork and mutual support are at the core of everything we do.

Wondering what we mean by that? To put it simply, we have very high standards and we work together to reach them.

Then we raise the bar even more.


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A practice model that puts patients and partners first.

Many groups use the word “partnership” to describe their corporate structure. We truly live it.

At VEMA, our group is entirely physician-owned and operated. We stand behind the structure of our truly democratic group, in which innovation is rewarded and professional growth is encouraged. We support each other as individual physicians and we work together as a team, unified by our collective goals of exceptional care and continued success.

You have options when it comes to choosing an ED. Will you decide to work on a contract that is owned and managed by a corporation, or will you choose to partner with a democratic group and become part-owner of the practice?

While the term “democratic group” is frequently used by emergency medicine groups, it’s often defined in different ways.

Here’s what it means to us:

Equal ownership

Each partner owns the same amount of our practice. There are no junior or senior partners and no differences in the number of shares each individual owns. We are all equal.

Team-oriented culture

Our partners are highly-motivated and focused on ensuring that the practice thrives. We all share the profits and work as a team to overcome challenges. We’re all in this together.

Financial transparency

The foundation of our practice is trust. We are fully committed to complete transparency, both in terms of finances and decision-making.

Leadership roles

We offer equal opportunities for our partners to grow professionally and take on leadership roles. There are no lifelong leadership positions.

Increased autonomy

Because we don’t have outside shareholders, we make decisions based on what’s right for our practice, our partners, and our patients.

Voting process

We have discussions and vote on issues that affect the group, such as finances, leadership positions, and the direction of our practice. Each partner has one vote.