About Us

People. Passion. Purpose.

Healthcare is about people. Our providers have a passion for our mission, and an understanding that the services and care we provide have an important impact on the communities we serve. When our patients need us most, we’re at our best and we consistently exceed expectations.

We collaborate with our outstanding hospital partners to improve outcomes and make a meaningful difference in our patients’ lives. We’ve expanded considerably over the past 25+ years, but we’ve never lost sight of who we are: a family of providers united by the single goal of providing the best possible care.


For 25 years, we’ve built strong relationships with our patients, teammates, colleagues, and hospital partners. We know that healing can only happen when we’ve connected with our patients and earned their trust. At VEMA, these connections happen every day through the healing power of touch, through advice and comfort during a difficult time, and through quality care that focuses on the patient as a whole person.

Work-Life Balance

We’re human too. We appreciate the importance of a career and a life that coexist. As a team, we are all concerned about each other’s professional success, and we pay close attention to the personal side as well. That’s why we offer flexible scheduling, paid time off, and a supportive and rewarding work environment. We know that a balanced life makes for a happier provider. And that’s better for everyone.


VEMA providers are always looking for ways to make healthcare safer and more efficient. When we instituted the Simulation Lab at the Inova Fair Oaks Emergency Department, it was the first-ever Simulation Lab in Northern Virginia. Since its inception in 2011, our physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners have used the Simulation Lab countless times to hone their skills, shorten response times, and save lives.

Giving Back

As physicians, our desire to help and heal extends far beyond hospital walls.

World MapFor more than 25 years, VEMA team members have made it a priority to serve our community, our country, and our world. You’ll find VEMA physicians at local charity events, where they’ve raised thousands of dollars for pediatrics at Inova Fair Oaks. They’re at Rising Hope in Alexandria and free health clinics in Fauquier and Prince William counties, caring for uninsured members of our community. They’ve served on battlefields as Combat Surgeons with the US Army during multiple tours of duty in Iraq. And they travel around the world on medical missions, responding to natural disasters and caring for patients in third-world countries.

These trips allow us to get back to the basics of healthcare. They remind us what is at the very core of our work: improving the human condition. We continue to go on these trips year after year because we have an obligation to give back, but we often feel that we get more out of these trips than we put in.

Our hospitals and health care teams at home are top-notch. We feel incredibly fortunate to live and work where we do, and our appreciation grows dramatically when we witness the devastation of an earthquake or travel to a remote village that has no access to health care. It is our privilege to serve our patients and to make a difference at home and abroad.

VEMA physicians have served in countries all over the world, including:

  • Haiti
  • Honduras
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Japan
  • Kenya
  • Nicaragua
  • Taiwan
  • TurkeyMadagascar
  • Antarctica
  • Tanzania
  • Liberia
  • Qatar
  • UAE
  • Azerbaijan
  • Peru
  • Colombia
  • Netherlands
  • France