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Hospital Leaders Trust VEMA

VEMA’s entirely physician-led organization has a proven track record of working in harmony with our hospital partners to provide patients with a positive experience, every time.

Providing a Positive Patient Experience

For more than 25 years, we have focused on building solid relationships and working seamlessly with hospital administrators, nurses, and staff members. We are truly aligned with our hospital partners, because we know that behind every excellent patient experience is a competent, efficient healthcare team.

We Share Your Goals

We know what you’re working toward, and we have the same objectives in mind. Every day, we strive for greater patient satisfaction, outstanding care, and improved outcomes. Our long-term, stable contracts speak for themselves. Our hospital partners have been with us for more than 25 years, and we are truly united in our common goals.

Why trust VEMA with your emergency department or hospitalist program?
  • We are an entirely physician-led organization
  • We have more 25 years of experience partnering with Hospitals 
  • We are truly aligned with our hospital partners
  • We are professional, reliable, and dedicated to providing the best patient care possible.

Our Hospital Partners

Inova Fair Oaks

Inova Fair Oaks Hospital is committed to providing safe care, excellent service and is continuously striving to improve each patient’s unique experience. That’s why every patient we serve is a VIP—a Very Important Patient.

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Fauquier Hospital

The Department of Emergency Medicine at Fauquier Hospital has consistently earned recognition and accolades for its efficiency, safety, and patient satisfaction.

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