VEMA Culture

People. Passion. Purpose.....and Play!

We take our jobs seriously. Ourselves? Not so much. We love our profession and the important role we play in the communities we serve. However, we also recognize that downtime, fun, and a healthy work-life balance help us achieve our mission of providing consistent, high-quality care. 

We like to think of our organization as a family, which means we support and encourage each other inside and outside the walls of the hospital. Great relationships and connections among our team translate to a more positive work environment, friendships, and ultimately a higher quality of care for our patients.

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Prioritizing Work-Life Balance

We know that a balanced life makes for a happier provider—and that’s better for everyone. As a team, we are all concerned about each other’s professional success, and we pay close attention to the personal side as well. That’s why we offer many benefits and opportunities that promote a healthy work-life balance:

  • Flexible scheduling
  • Paid time off
  • Organized events and happy hours
  • Community volunteering opportunities
  • Paid educational opportunities

Off-the-Clock Fun

Team-building events, Happy hours, Group outings, birthday parties, movie nights, service projects, fun runs, BBQs, road trips, and lots of laughs.
Bottom line—we really like each other!